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Friday, February 5, 2016


Spitting in the baby

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Spitting in the baby

spitting up and baby

During the first months of baby's life, many moms often consult your pediatrician about your child vomiting Is it normal that the baby vomit? Why does he do this?

Spitting in the baby

Regurgitation is a common manifestation in infants. In this article, you will find the action to take and answers to all your questions.

What is regurgitation?

Not to be confused, it is important to distinguish between vomiting and regurgitation. Regurgitation is the expulsion of food through the mouth and stomach secretions performed effortlessly. During the first weeks of life, infants can regurgitate several times a day and is completely normal. In most cases, regurgitation occurs after feeding but may appear next to the next feed. Have you heard from a mother to her baby, 'spits milk'? He meant exactly regurgitation.

What should regurgitation?

First, you must verify that the problem is not poor feeding technique. In many cases, the cause can not be determined. But in others, the following reasons may provoke:

A baby suckles weakly or, conversely, energetic, needs to burp more than once. If the bed before have done, it can be caused regurgitation.

Another reason may be due to abdominal distention caused by swallowing too much air with too small a nipple hole which extends over the suction due time, or allows the air inlet end to the teat of the bottle. In the nursing child, nipple retraction causes the same problem.

If the baby food does not meet your needs or if they are not fed according to their requirements, sucking causes excessive ingestion of large amounts of air and subsequent regurgitation.
The placement of adhesive tape in an umbilical hernia prevents postprandial bloating and facilitates regurgitation. Excessive manipulation of the baby after lunch, too.

In some cases, regurgitation occurs the only baby to bed. This will prevent thickening milk with some of the preparations that are commercially available and keeping the child in a semi-upright position for about half an hour after feeding.

The use of antispasmodics may be beneficial, provided that they are recommended by your pediatrician. In the other cases, correction of each of the problems raised above the solution.

Unknown causes
If despite the care, the baby is still spitting up, it may be due to unknown causes that will surely disappear when you begin to eat solid seated.

There are a number of functional and organic diseases that can affect the esophagus and cause regurgitation. But only the doctor, watching the baby and sometimes, watching feeds, is who can make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment to follow.

It is the expulsion through the mouth of food and stomach secretions with exertion and generally accompanied by the energetic contraction of the abdominal muscles. At the same time, there is a respiratory inhibition and, in infants, it is also common that vomit out through the nose.

Nausea, subjective feeling and very difficult to recognize in the baby may be suggested by restlessness, sweating, salivation, no suction fed back fist and disinterest after vomiting. These are symptoms that do not appear after regurgitation.

It is produced with effort, described as projectile vomiting or jet, and falls some distance from the child if it is held.

In the newborn it may be due to the ingestion of amniotic fluid acts as an irritant gastric or congenital malformations in the intestines causing obstruction and consequently vomiting.

A baby that begins with regurgitation around the second week of life and gradually has increasingly forceful vomiting with stopping the weight curve or even loss of the same, suggesting a disorder of gastric emptying, known as pyloric stenosis.

Would you have been helpful this note? Anyway, you'll know what our advice: if you still have doubts, be sure to consult your pediatrician.

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Tired of searching for the best interesting topics to research? some good and interesting topics for you to choose from, and the most diverse too. follow us...

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