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Saturday, February 6, 2016


How to make money online, sell photos from home

How to make money online, sell photos from home

How to make money online

Are you photographer or amateur photographer? Imagine you had an international company which receives on its website your photos or images of graphic design, publishing and that you pay each time a sale is made, and that a single photograph of yours can sell and sell Limitless times and each sale will generate a commission, you can raise the amount of images that are willing to develop.

As the site exists and is called ...

Dreamstime is an excellent choice for to earn extra income by selling your photographic images or illustrations.

The agency between agencies: Dreamstime

The requirement? So your photos will own, at least, 3 megapixels, JPG format.

You can also sell your vector graphics and images in RAW format, but you should always provide a JPG to accompany them before boarding the additional format. The number of images that can be uploaded per day varies by site acceptance rate of the photographs.

By providing a commission of 50% or greater than their artists Dreamstime is one of the agencies that best percentage pays its contributors, which makes the site very attractive.

Attractive Web Site

Dreamstime has an attractive site with a page from which you can see and manage your pictures online, those that are pending approval, your profits, and other data. This includes very graphic information on how the portfolio is performing. In the admin panel, you can organize, categorize and put keywords to your images, it is quite easy. Photographers, illustrators, and fans have a special and unique place I can upload and publicize their images and their talent.

How to make money online, sell photos from home

How much is gained?

Gains with this website vary enormously depending on the size of the photo and "picture level" (based on the number of photo sales in particular) and exclusive; for example: an image of a non-exclusive contributor novel gives the photographer or artist a credit of between 0.50 and $ 3 per sale depending on the size, while an exclusive contributor with a level 5 image (with more than 100 downloads ) you can earn up to $ 8.40 per sale! The concept of "level" of the image is very important because in this way your best contributions to become popular as they become more expensive, which is very consistent; and on the other hand, no matter what someone raising a work of art, always start as a level 1 image, matching competitive opportunities for all new photos and illustrations. The only exception to this rule is when a buyer prices download the image through a subscription, in this case, is variable pay but less than the above; but overall the majority of sales follow the pattern of levels so that the profit per sale is higher than in many other agencies.

As in other places, with sales extended licenses provide higher profits, ranging from $ 25 to $ 30 per sale as appropriate. Exclusive taxpayers have yet another advantage: they earn 20 cents for each image to be approved; However, our recommendation is not to sign exclusive contracts with any agency to help with various and improve your chances of selling. Dreamstime pays you through PayPal, check or account, and international debit card, once you have at least $ 100 in your account.

Its judges are relatively strict, but with the advice given on page is not impossible to assemble a portfolio with a large number of images. Another advantage is the option to pay to have a website and refer to other artists to subscribe. An excellent site that definitely worth applying.

What kind of images you can sell?

There are certain guidelines that must be followed when making and editing an image to the distributing agencies, this can be done without major financial investment or time.

First of all, the photo must be marketable. This means that the photo should be of use to someone, that the utility is not directly related to the artistic value of the image.

Specifically to exemplify: a photograph of a beautiful sunset on the beach is not necessarily good stock, first since it does not prove a notion so easy to identify, and second, that agencies are full of such images, and is very hard to beat that quality. Instead, poor from the artistic point of interest or image of a sheet of aged paper photo view, it can be a commercial success. Why? Because it can be used for many things, for background on posters, posters, web pages, obituaries, etc. Another best seller might be a photo of a beautiful woman dressed in Christmas attire as expressed concepts are very searched the festive spirit, sensuality, physical attractiveness, among others. Then it will not be difficult to judge that perhaps our collection of family photos on the coastal sun or our favorite pet sleeping in all possible positions may not sell, but maybe if you do the image of the old kitchen utensil, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, a pencil with an eraser, or even a simple glass filled with ice and provocative in the syngas.

Illustrations instead of photographs

The same principles apply to the sale of artwork. For example, a simple but attractive graphics that can be used as background or screen saver safely sell just another ornate and very artistic but not convey a clear concept to identify. Also, a collection of vector icons or design elements could be very successful despite being simple and relatively easy for an artist to create a landscape with multiple elements in it.

Video Clips

You can also sell movies. The above rules also remain regarding the sale of video clips refers; well, filming a segment of our vacation in the mountains will not necessarily be of interest to a buyer, but a clip well edited nice clouds being blown by the wind, or a sequence of kids running around or people clapping could be employed many ways, ensuring sales.

How to subscribe Dreamstime

If you have a good camera and experience that result in interesting photographs, or if you're a 3D modeler that produces interesting rendered images, or a graphic designer who brings good images resulting from vector fonts, then Dreamstime is an interesting and effective way to get Extra income or maybe your best choice for a successful new lifestyle.

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