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Monday, January 18, 2016



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Have you ever asked in life, what is a smartphone ?, maybe yes, and I also once asked me that and found the answer but very diversified, but today I want to make clear is that smartphones or also called smartphones that you probably already have many of you, if not all, but not always identified. In addition, we told you about two models of the best brands and models about, iPhone and Samsung.

What is a smartphone?


What is a smartphone or smartphone?


Today we will learn something new in life, whether it is a simple definition, because Tecmóviles and always hear about smartphones but may still not know what that term in Spain which has been translated as 'smartphone' means.

To begin, we must go back to history, because by all accounts, the first smartphone created it IBM in 1992 and Simon was called, but was released in 1993 and was sold by BellSouth, then the smartphone you allowed to do many things, that is, receive calls, had calendar, address book, world clock, log book, sending and receiving FAX.


Today the functionality of smartphones are many, but before the definition that gives the smartphone on Wikipedia is: '. It is an electronic device that combines a cell phone with similar to a personal computer features'


What is a smartphone or smartphone?


But what distinguishes a smartphone from a mobile phone? there are many, among them should know that to be smartphone must have the following characteristics:




Supports email

GPS features

Allow the installation of third-party programs

Use any interface for data entry, such as QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen

They allow you to access the Internet and of course, social networking.

Possess digital agenda, contact management

Able to read documents in various formats, including PDFs and Office files Microsft

Must have an operating system, previously said that the smartphone were those who came with the OS, SymbianOS, but since today is not because there are with Microsoft Mobile 6.0, RIM BlackBerry, Palm OS, OS X, etc. without forgetting the two most known worldwide today, IOS and Android.

Finally, one might note although we found many more features, which have the possibility to download directly to the mobile and of course, the power to install all applications.

With a smartphone can do everything at the same time is that you can receive calls, check your calendar while you watch some videos, or while you sync your device with the others, and whole this without interrupting any of the tasks, not to go so far, is the same as is done in your computer, you open windows and all the time and not work like a conventional phone if you go to check your schedule should stop listening to music to do.


Therefore, we can conclude that a smartphone is a mobile phone, but much more powerful than the first to be marketed and obviously is intended to be used by those addicted to email and the Internet, or for those who are entrepreneurs.


However, by having similar to a computer features it makes these devices can be vulnerable to viruses and attacks the OS as happens today with notebooks or desktop computers.

What is a smartphone or smartphone?



Besides habaneros explained what a smartphone, we have to speak as those who are currently the best in the market. Or rather, the best-selling.


It is clear that today the best selling smartphones are very famous iPhone and the Samsung brand and have gotten his model Galaxy is also a leader in sales and currently before the end of this 2013.


What is a smartphone or smartphone?


Apple takes years to surprise the world with all the latest news and updates that you have each of the launches of iPhone models. Your smartphone market since 2007-2008 (between the US and the rest of the world) and who have already launched the iPhone (pictured above), iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S models and up iPhone 5C (known for being the first with housing colors and also with a slightly reduced price).




As for Samsung, we must note the wisdom of launching as competition to iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy which already has the Samsung Galaxy S2 edition (pictured), Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.


The iPhone with IOS operating system and with them we discovered the hobby applications, as well as being ideal for Internet browsing. Samsung is not far behind with Galaxy that has Android system is perhaps one of the complete smartphones that we can find in the market.


THE FUTURE smartphones


Future smartphones

The evolution of mobile phones has been very fast and never stops. However, in recent years, we have seen a slight stagnation of the sector. Brands such as Samsung, Apple and Motorola know that their sales continue to go from strength to strength and that most "casual" users are content to take out a slightly updated version of the model they already have. However, the industry knows that this will eventually overeat users, so we are working on new technologies, such as 5G, augmented reality, novel designs or implementation and improvement of artificial intelligence.


Let's see what are some of the smartphones that are called to be the smartphone of the future:


Project Ara: Motorola continues doldrums even after being bought by Google. And not because I did not try with smartphones or smartwatches. The great asset for the future of Motorola is called Project Ara, a mobile phone with interchangeable parts. This is the maximum search customizing your Smartphone, both as regards its performance and its appearance. After a few months without knowing anything about this project, it confirmed that will be released throughout 2015.

Motorola ara

Nor can we forget the new versions or new models of Apple and other mythical companies. So, this year will see the light models like the Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z4, Motorola Moto G 2015 HTC9 or new releases of Microsoft Lumia range.

On the other hand, we must be attentive to what lies ahead of Nokia's new foray into the world of mobile phones. Which was the undisputed queen of the sector returns for 2016 with a new mobile which has not yet knows nothing and which will be launched initially in the Chinese market (will have stiff competition).



selfie smartphone

Smartphones are a product that has achieved such an implementation whom currently can not imagine of society without thinking of millions of users of smartphones, using it in their homes, on the streets or transportation. Smartphones no doubt changed the way you use your mobile phone, and now represent the next step to a multipurpose device. While mobile existed for years incorporating many features, smartphones allow for many activities, from basic that would talk on the phone to download and install applications, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, download games and many more services and options.


These devices also allow greater ease when communicating. On the one hand, they provide numerous communication channels to be for others, and on the other, have characteristics that make them much faster for communication, such as tactile QWERTY keyboards or keypads built in the manner of the Blackberry.


On the other hand, smartphones are very simple to handle. Most operate with Android or IOS operating system, so the management of most smartphones is usually quite similar (unless they are two totally different models together or separated for a long time and, therefore, many upgrades OS.


smartphone photo

These smartphones are also each day easier to use, more intuitive and more visual. Currently triumphs flat design, based on planes, geometric and simple designs, in which priority is given to the image in the form of easily recognizable icons. This attractive and simple design touchscreens have achieved an added value for such devices. They are so easy to use that even the smallest know how to do (and not true that we are seeing more young children playing with mobile phone parents?).


Thanks to smartphones can store large amounts of information. From phone numbers to videos or music, through photos, WhatsApp conversations and hundreds of other things.


Finally, we want to mention an advantage that has not been taken advantage, probably because smartphones have been oriented from the beginning towards a commercial end product to the consumer public. But technology is the future, and smartphones have been responsible for sending us numerous applications that might be helpful in different areas: education, health, culture, etc. In this case, the matters to us are that of education. And it is that a smartphone can be the first step to educate a child in new technologies, of course always with adult supervision with limited time.

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Tired of searching for the best interesting topics to research? some good and interesting topics for you to choose from, and the most diverse too. follow us...

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