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Friday, January 1, 2016


How to speed up a Mac? A classic question with no easy answer

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  How to speed up a Mac? 

Perhaps an inherited culture of older operating systems like Windows XP or simply our belief that nothing is as before, the fact is that today many are wondering how to make your Mac run faster, run as the first day, accelerate time on or off, etc.

About this much has been written, each user will have their own tricks, tips, and experience. Each user will have their own theories, tricks and other methods to ensure that your computer pays as much as possible. I do not usually, after several years on the shelf, worry a lot because I've never had problems and only know a couple of key points is enough for all within the logic functions as the first day. How to speed up a Mac?

Improving system boot speed

Items starting

My Mac is slow, how do I make it run faster? This is possibly one of the questions that make me. I always answer with another question, applications run slow or booting the computer what notes slower? Depending on the answer has a different solution. To avoid slowdowns at the beginning, we can make certain adjustments, for the latter also depends on a little hardware and the requirements of each app.

When we began a Mac for the first time or after reinstalling the system always exclaim one! Now, now starts fast! And therefore, the explanation is simple: nothing installed. When we began to install many applications add various items they start to initialize to be operational nothing startup.

These items consumed in the background RAM and CPU. With today's equipment increasingly less noticeable but if we have a wide list is logical that we notice as the boot OS X it takes a few extra seconds.

To remove these items if you are new to the platform you only have to go to System Preferences, Users and Groups, then select Start. Here we see all the processes that begin with our Mac. There may be applications that need not always start if so eliminate them.

Another factor that increases the startup time of the system is introduced in OS X Lion that lets you restore the status of windows and applications after shutdown capability. When you turn off the computer and not close any window Finder or other applications the system takes a "snapshot" for the re-start everything is as we left. As the number of applications as well as causing them take longer to boot.
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To avoid this behavior we have two options: close all windows and applications before shutting down or System Preferences, General turn off putting 0 in OS X Mountain Lion or unchecking the box Restore windows to close and reopen applications in OS X Lion. A third option would be to reduce the number of recent items at a lower, 0 to 5 value.
Freeing resources

Our teams have a limitation. That limitation is marked by the RAM, processor, graphics, hard disk ... try to demand more than can be useless. Improve the fluidity with which we opened or moved between applications is as simple as trying to have our team as current and complete permits. Thereby increasing the RAM or replace the hard drive for an SSD system is a great option.

But if we can not make these extensions then we must know how to manage resources. So, if we have several open applications that are not using better close them for possible background processes RAM or just to be relieved. Some people make use of apps like FreeMemory.

In this connection, I always try to control two applications: the browser and Time Machine. For the first bit, I think we have to say, having a large number of open tabs is very convenient but can consume a lot of Rams. Closes unneeded and if they are news or information you want to read later make use of applications like Pocket, Instapaper or own reading list of Safari.

Time Machine can we make use of applications that allow us to program when copies are made. But if at some point in time we noticed that our team is "stalling" the current copy we can postpone until later. And it is that Time Machine works great, but there are times when the disk reads can affect the performance of applications that also make heavy use of it as video editors, etc.
Cache and temporary files

There are users who blamed the slowness of his team to great temporary folders or files belonging to the cache. There are applications to remove them but beyond regain some hard disk space never noticed any significant change. Therefore, stop worrying and use "miracle" applications deleted those folders because you will not get anything.

Finally, almost a classic is the subject of numerous files on the desktop. Have a desktop full of files, folders, etc. is not cardinal sin but if it causes a little waste of time to have to show them once the system starts.

If you are someone who while working leaving material on the desktop only have to worry about deleting once done or simply place them in a folder before shutting down the Mac.

With these simple details, you get your system running as good as ever. As the first day, with zero applications installed and any stored file is clearly not going but not mean we have to spend 15 seconds to boot and a half minutes. Finally, if you have any tricks or tips that have proved useful sure that all readers will appreciate that you share in the comments. Obviously, the optimization of the operating system also makes it much and here it seems that OS X Mavericks again offer sensations experienced with Snow Leopard.

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