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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Commitment to their tastes: use the Advance Targeting

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Marketing no longer enough to know where you live and what the age of your audience, now it is important to know their insights bet more escondidos.Apuesta for their tastes: use the Advance Targeting
The Advance Targeting allows you to range only those people who are willing in your brand.

Definitely the marketing would be nothing without the power of segmentation. This activity is a basic element that can not miss in any strategy that aims to truly get to the heart of their customers.

We could almost say that without a clear and objective segmentation by stronger than pretend to be our shooter communication issue, we intended to go directly to the precipice.

However, as has happened with dozens of things that are present in our daily life, the technological revolution of the Internet also changed considerably to what we knew as segmentation.

From classic to modern

Previously segmentation, we can now call traditional, we were aimed at bringing our messages to groups of people mass, divided only by components such as age, geographical location or economic status.

These three elements have long been the only variables that had marks on their hands to direct their campaigns and marketing strategies, but this is not enough.

New communication platforms that brought the Internet led companies to challenge yourself and them in the quest to find new elements to take them to better target their work.

"The evolution of the concept of marketing has led us not only to think of segmentation by demographics, but to find those special elements that lead us to turn our message into something much stronger .

In an interview with AltoNivel.com.mx, the expert said that is a reality that classical segmentation today no longer meets the requirements of the new media, who today are showing a different way of seeing things.

This is where comes the need to expand these basic items with which we have worked to go for something far more important: to know the tastes and interests of the people.

Advance Targeting

'Brands today are well aware that the fact of knowing the tastes and interests of the people is certainly a differentiator, which serves to provide value to consumers.

Is looking to meet this requirement appears Advance Targeting a way to segment that analyzes the behavior of Internet users, with the aim of locating your browsing patterns and from there offer advertising.

The model works through cookies, tools that handle information on movements made by netizens and then is processed by brands.

Such campaigns are extremely important, mainly because they have the ability to maximize the return on investment made, as not only fired into the air to generate waste are released.

The Advance is now a style Targeting segmentation will allow us to perfectly complement any type of campaign that we make, and thanks to the analysis performed the user may know precisely the things that satisfy.

"The important thing here is to offer consumers things they like or are looking for, making a simple message will become subject relevant to them .

Clear benefits

From the perspective of Gabriel Richaud, there are four advantages that a brand can get by using segmentation as we deliver the Advance Targeting. Here we list them.

1. Investment Savings
Thanks to advanced segmentation is performed, campaigns and strategies developed under this scheme will waste less money than is currently lost. It thus fails to show ads at all to show them only to people you care about.

2. Relevance
The personalization of the ads that people will find them relevant, as they will be tailored to their tastes and needs. This will certainly help to further conversion taken into advertising campaigns.

3. Complementarity
As mentioned above, the Advance is a perfect tool Targeting segmentation may well serve to complement the campaigns carried out by other means than the Internet. It is a technique that will be the final step to tie purchases.

4. Customization
The information you give us cookies we use for Advance Targeting helps us generate personalized advertising specifically for each person, telling them that know what they want and we have a solution for it.

Would you consider using the Advance Targeting to strengthen your brand? What difficulties did you observe in their use? How important it is from your perspective segmentation campaigns?

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Tired of searching for the best interesting topics to research? some good and interesting topics for you to choose from, and the most diverse too. follow us...

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