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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


8 Essential Requirements Before Starting a Blog

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8 Essential Requirements Before Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog

If you take time thinking of creating a blog yet you are motivated, this is a perfect time.

Start with a new blog always involves different activities for the start and the initial stage is the best. Domain, hosting, installation, design, optimization, SEO, plugins, finally, there are many things to be ready to leave before focusing on traffic and visits.

If you need information on WordPress, the best tool to create your blog, I invite you to visit the following link: WordPress Tutorials. That frequently update the page with links to various tutorials to learn how to use this excellent platform.

Below I will share with you some of the most important tasks to be performed before launching a blog officially (many involving WordPress):

1. Hosting and Domain

These two components may not be necessary to mention them, but it's always good to remember that to have a professional blog and the best results, have a self-service Web hosting and a domain is crucial.

WordPress.com and Blogger are good platforms but not for use as the main blog.

2. Basic Configuration WordPress

Assuming you already installed WordPress on your domain, you must do the basic configuration, which includes:

- Permalinks. This refers to the URL of the blog that the code to be better positioned in the search engines for.
- Settings such as time zone, email, date format, etc.
- Users. Does anyone publish more content? Add it in the part of users and define if you want to be an administrator, editor or another role WordPress.
- Categories. Create the main categories for your blog articles.

3. Create Pages Round

The classic that can not miss on any blog and you always have to put on security, privacy and convenience. Also to know you and know that is the blog. I mean:

- Contact
- Privacy policies
- About
- Resources and tools (if necessary)

These pages are necessary for any blog regardless of the niche to which focused (a).

4. Item

Chances are that you will not want to use the theme (or template) that is included in the installation of WordPress. That's why you have to change to make your blog look the way you want. If you already have a theme, simply install it on the part of Appearance> Themes with the.ZIP file or via FTP.

If you still do not have a theme, you can find any free or purchase premium. I recommend Woothemes, Thesis or StudioPress.

5. Plugins

Your blog plugins need to have a good appearance and performance. The basic and essential include:

- All in One SEO Pack or WordPress SEO by Yoast.
- Contact Form 7
- Google Analytics for WordPress
- Sharebar
- Google XML Sitemap
- Akismet
- Google Drive for WordPress

There are many more, only those are the ones that can not miss in your blog

6. Optimization SEO

Before posting, it is highly recommended good internal settings SEO for your blog. This includes adjusting well your SEO plugin, add the site to Google Webmaster, ensure that permalinks with keywords, install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, configure Google Analytics and other tasks.

When you do this, your blog and items are more likely to position itself in the top of the search engines.

7. Strategy and boot content

interesting topics

Nobody wants to drive traffic to a blog without content, that is why from the beginning is good to have a minimum of 3-5 quality posts published. Besides this, it is best to have defined a strategy of creating content. By this I mean to design detailed articles on the type of plan, the main objective, frequency of publication, main topics, etc.

Answer these questions to get a better idea:

- What kind of content will post?
- What are the main issues on which I will focus?
- How often I'll post?
- What is the main objective? You can position the blog, generate subscribers, sell, etc.
- What strategy will use?

This will help you be clearer about what it is you want to accomplish with your blog.

8. Identify sources of traffic

The content is important, but what's the point if nobody reads it? When starting your blog must be well identified the main sources of traffic that you use. You have many options to choose from and what I recommend is to focus more on up to three so you do not flood activities and thus grow quickly.

SEO is something slower and more long-term is why I also recommend choosing strategies like writing articles as a guest, make alliances with other bloggers, exchange of emails, Facebook or Google advertising, advertising on other blogs or other that is more immediate so you can receive visits from day one.

If you meet these 8 requirements just discussed, your blog will have a much better start and more likely to succeed. Remember to have patience and perseverance, because the results did not reach the overnight.

Starting a blog can give you great benefits and results as long as it is done in the right way.

I send a greeting and I hope the information was useful to you!

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Tired of searching for the best interesting topics to research? some good and interesting topics for you to choose from, and the most diverse too. follow us...

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