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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


7 Signs of emotional intoxication

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emotional intoxication

We must dedicate time to cultivate and refine our inner emotions. Being intoxicated took everything to the extreme and misinterpret the words and actions of the signs of emotional intoxication demás7

I feel vulnerable, I get angry easily and, occasionally, feel the need to go away and leave everything. Passage of interest to indifference in a split second, as soon as I want to carry out a project like that supremely bored me.

I live in a constant roller coaster. Laughter and tears accompany me and destabilizing in the most unexpected moments. It takes great effort I separate my past and present concerns and insecurity reigns my life.

Often react disproportionately and I can not explain clearly my thoughts and emotions, which is bringing me much trouble. Moreover, as soon I do not feel comfortable with anything or anyone like I'm drowning because I feel a deep need to have someone take my hand ...

Do you identify or identify someone from your environment with these words? This could be the speech of a person under the influence of emotional intoxication, or what is the same, with emotional problems related to stress, anxiety and depression.

Many of us understand no problem what the effects of alcohol intoxication are. We know that our ability to alter perception, the heart rate slows, which reduces our capacity to react, etc. But we are able to interpret the signs that indicate that we are overwhelmed by our emotions?

If you're going through or have gone through moments of great emotional burden, it is likely to make you debug your lack emotions. Although the causes are varied, emotional intoxication is not the result of a daily give us time to cultivate ourselves.

1. You are constantly on the defensive

As we were discussing, a person who is intoxicated by their emotions has activated the "self-protection mode", through which it protects itself from what it believes to be hurt.

When our emotions overwhelm us, we may misunderstand consistently perceive the actions or words of others as an attack. In fact, we look only at times and we fix our gaze to take everything to the extreme.

This is because our self-esteem is completely diminished, which makes us feel vulnerable in any event. Our emotions and make us block selectively heed to the negative, making any trifle affect us directly.

As a result, we reporter emos words and wills of others and react aggressively and disproportionate, believing that we must guard against a danger that is only in our minds.

interesting topics


2. Your perceptions are altered

Chances are, to be watching what happens around you with the glasses of your emotions, do not listen to you or to others. At the end of the day, you may do so it seems a waste of time, but not get rid of these conflicts can cause you many problems.

For example, nervousness, impatience, and uncontrolled emotional reactions originate here in the little that we stop to think about how we are understanding and attending to what surrounds us.

3. You're too critical

One reason why it is so difficult to deal with an intoxicated person is because the barrier of self-imposed intransigence. They do not spend even one, not even themselves.

If you feel this way, it is possible that in your desire to have it all under control and prevent anything from interfering with your life, do not grant or minimal leeway. Try to be more benevolent with yourself and others.

4. outcrop your insecurities

If you feel you are intoxicated you have probably noticed that your insecurities have surfaced and direct your life. You become more responsive and you get defensive frequently.

Your self-esteem is completely depleted and feels that you are vulnerable to any event that comes along. Probably you feel that you have no strength and are unable to clearly understand how you feel, how you are and what you are able to do.

As a result, you will think that you need somebody on your side who will supply your wants, to protect you and direct your day, as you can not do anything for yourself. Obviously, this aspect has to work in order to regenerate our autonomy and emotional identity.

5. Feel off

Emotional overload may tend to weigh so many pagans. Feeling off means no forces and not be able to reactivate itself.

When our vitality goes, we chose to close the curtains and protect us from our own feelings, giving up an essential part of our being. In short, you are a great effort, mental and physical, make decisions and be aware of everything, because you have no strength to face the daily challenges.

6. Your emotional block holding you back

When we are overwhelmed by our emotions we are unable to mentally filter our emotional and sentimental reactions. As a result, our ability to communicate, to make decisions and move is impaired, so we find situations in which we respond inappropriately or simply know no answer.

Being emotionally intoxicated keeps you thinking before you speak and take a perspective on what is happening. Your attention and your memory is too selective, which is compounded by a discussion, then you begin to twist the words you hear and draw your own conclusions, which help you to substantiate your frustrations and your problems.

You must always keep the cold head and warm heart long hand, Confucius said. A hot reaction makes us control our emotions and impulses erupt, so we will not be ourselves if we act now.

7. Emotional vertigo is not let you say goodbye

We are afraid to get rid of what has been with us, either close or long. So we can not let go of it and let it go, even though we are creating suffering.

If normal costs us when our emotions have invaded us we face an even greater fear of emotional void. This is because we understand that, but our emotional architecture is about to collapse, there are some basic pillars that can not demolish.

We are obviously wrong, this perception is the result of exhaustion and emotional blockage that causes intoxication.

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