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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The top 30 beauty tips to look perfect in just 5 minutes

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It is no mystery that often women take advantage of some secrets to look even more beautiful.

Every day, millions of girls around the world perform various beauty tips in order to take care of your body and improve its appearance: from apply special lotions and get some cosmetics, to use elements to smooth or wave your hair.

In this context the American magazine Woman's Day, specializing in issues of beauty, health and cooking, she celebrated its 75-year listing the best advice to protect and beautify the body in its history, spread throughout its more than 850 copies and here we show you the best.
Tricks to highlight your hair.

1. How to avoid the dreaded 'frizz'? For this use brushes only having wide teeth, especially when the hair is dry.

2. Comb your wet hair like the pros: grab a handful at a time and work it from the center to the ends, then the scalp to the center.

3. Every night, combing your hair from root to tip. Thus, the natural oil that is produced in this area of ​​your body, giving you a natural glow will be distributed.

4. Always rinse conditioner, which should be applied to the ends of the hair with cold water. So, you will seal the cuticle and will stimulate the brightness.

5. If you dye your own hair, looking shampoos and conditioners free of sulfate, which do not contain harmful detergents.

Tips to care for your eyes.

6. Gentle on the area of ​​your eyes. Remember that this is the most delicate part of your face. Clean it carefully; dry it, never rub.

7. Never use mascara on your lower lashes. This, as it generates a shadow under your eyes, making the area look darker.

8. Reduce eye puffiness applying cold water in that area or a cold compress: put for 15 seconds, then rest for another 15.

9. Always use your ring finger to apply cream or concealer in your eyes. So, you put the least amount of pressure on your skin.

10. Switch to brown mascara for a softer daytime look.

Tips to protect and highlight your lips.

11. Do you usually walk around with a look "flushed"? To prevent highlight your cheeks pink tone, holds a bold lipstick color. If you use a neutral tone, just you will achieve your cheeks stand out.

12. To better use lip liner, heat it before putting it on with your fingertips. Thus, it applies more easily.

13. Smile every time you put glitter or rouge. This is the surest way to you to cover completely the area, including the corners.

14. Achieve your lips are soft and smooth by removing, at night, pieces of dry skin with a warm, damp cloth. After that, apply a layer of lip balm.

15. To prevent lipstick from his mouth like sprawl, occupies a little concealer around your lips.
Tricks to make your face look radiant.

16. The beauty starts from within a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and water.

17. Do you put too much perfume? To remedy this situation, an alcohol swab rubbed on the skin. This compound subtracted odor without altering the essence.

18. The best time to apply creams or lotions is just out of the shower, when your skin is still damp.

19. How to combat dry skin in the winter? An ideal way is to warm your cream in the microwave for 5 seconds, before applying it to your face.

20. Clean your face with an exfoliating cream once a week to remove dead cells that cause your skin look "dull". When your face is exfoliated, lotions and oils are absorbed best.

Tips to have a smooth and healthy legs.

21. When you rest, try to keep your feet elevated. Thus, improved circulation in your legs and you decrease the risk of varicose veins.

22. If you want to use a self-tanning lotion, do not forget to apply it in the back of your knees, usually are forgotten.

23. After shave your legs, do not wear away very pasosas creams that have fragrances or containing alpha hydroxy acids. This, as you will probably itching and even cause a rash.

24. What is the best time to shave her legs? Just after the shower, the steam softens the hairs ensuring better results.

25. If you shave my legs waxed, stretch your hand in that area you will apply to make it easier to remove in one sitting. Then, remove the excess wax with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil.

Tips to keep your pretty feet.

26. To prevent ingrown toenails, cut completely straight and not semicircular.

27. To counter the dryness, massage your feet with a lanolin-based cream, applying deep into the instep and then on the ground, top and around the nails.

28. Relieves swollen feet alternately immersing in hot water (for 3 minutes) and then in cold water (for 1 minute). Performs both actions for 15 minutes, and when done, put some cream for feet.

29. To prevent the occurrence of nail fungus, keep your feet dry and clean. Also, when you exercise you out you do not forget the shoes and socks you just finished your session.

30. Use fresh kiwi or pineapple shells, which contain bromelain (meat tenderizer) allowing exfoliate the heel. To do this, rub the fleshy part for about 5 minutes, then rinse, dry and moisturize.

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