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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The diet of 11 fruits Slimming in five days.

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to lose weight fast

The diet of 11 fruits is ideal for weight loss. By making an effort to lose weight, it helps to divide the meals into two categories: foods high and low concentration. Meat, dairy, grains and most junk foods have a high concentration of calories; while fruits and vegetables are high in water and fiber, which makes them much lower in calories.

 The diet of 11 fruits Slimming in five days.

Everything in this diet of 11 fruits helps a lot to lose weight fast and have more energy because it contains very few calories and not make you fat your belly. Always supplement your diet to lose weight with exercises for the abdomen and buttocks exercises to get into better shape to show off to your friends, now the question is what fruits are good for quick weight loss?

Food List Diet The 11 fruits to lose weight.

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Papaya - contains high levels of vitamin A and serves as a laxative.
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Apple - is good because it contains iron and is used to treat anemia
Oranges, lemons, tangerines, clementines, pineapples and other citrus serve as antioxidants and help your immune system and cleanse the liver.
Papaya  (hydrate your body and act as a diuretic, ie make you urinate more often.
Strawberries and raspberries contain elegiac acid, which is an effective substance for the body to eliminate toxins and harmful elements and cleanse the liver.
Grapes help the proper functioning of arteries and blood flow.
Blueberry facilitates the work of the kidneys.
Kiwi - This peculiar fruit is high in vitamin C for healthy lungs and support stop 'colon cancer' as of its huge fiber content.

Lychees (lychees) - This exotic fruit native to China has aphrodisiac properties and its look is high in Beta Carotene and helps in better digestion.
Passion Fruit - contains flavonoids and phenolic acids that are very beneficial to prevent heart attacks and phytosterols that help lower cholesterol levels.
Plums - Contains unique phytonutrients called chlorogenic acid and neoclorogénico function as antioxidants as well as compounds that help raise the mood of people.

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frambuesasEn strawberries and other words, in the diet of 11 fruits do not need to eat less; you just have to eat more of the foods categorized as low concentration. But what about all the fruit sugar, it helps you lose weight these eleven fruit diet? How is this consistent with the famous diet glycemic index (GI) foods that require a low GI? This in order to avoid a rise in the level of blood sugar, which is what generates the production of body fat. Try to answer the following question: What comes more gradually into the bloodstream: a complex carbohydrate or fruit? Many would answer with absolute certainty that the fruit comes faster by being a simple sugar while complex carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice and pasta are gradually broken down into glucose and then digested. But this is a mistake.
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melon and grapes for adelgazarSegún the response graph blood glucose, which is given to diabetics as a guide, bread, beans, white potatoes and brown rice, break down as glucose into the bloodstream more quickly most fruits. In fact, white sugar has less effect on the levels of blood sugar than white bread. Fructose, the type of sugar found in the diet of fruit 11, is the least impacts the bloodstream since it requires fewer insulin.

The diet of 11 fruits Slimming in five days.

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By entering your mouth, complex carbohydrates into sugar melt due to the action of the digestive 'enzyme alpha-amylase 'perform in the saliva. Chewing a slice of white bread transformed up to 50% of the starch to glucose, even before it reaches the stomach. The fruit is a better source of energy than bread thanks to its ability to maintain power without on-demand from the pancreas to produce insulin. In the diet of 11 fruits, fructose does not require insulin to be decomposed as it is slowly absorbed by the lower intestinal wall.

All starches are composed of long chains of sugar molecules. by digestion, those chains are broken down in simple sugars. Fruit, bread, potatoes, rice and beans, everything is broken down into glucose. Of all these foods, fruits are those that require less digestion to supply the body's need for energy from glucose.
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