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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


6 yoga poses for insomnia and sleep better

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Natural method to combat insomnia, sleep more easily and sleep better

When people suffer from insomnia, or have difficulty sleeping, many tend to use pills or other chemicals that alter the body making it easier to fall asleep.

In addition to these chemicals often they have side effects, there are natural methods that help our body to go to sleep and sleep.

Then you have six yoga stretches ideal for sleep and sleep better:

1. Bhedana Chandra (moon breath)

The left nostril is associated with the refreshing energy of our body while the right nostril is associated with heat energy. This breathing through the left nostril helps ward off the stress of mind. Simultaneously, breathing massages the organs related to sleep causing them to send messages of relaxation to mind order to reconcile sleep more easily.

How it's made?

    Placed seated in a comfortable position.
    Hart makes the seal with the right hand (as in the photo), press the right nostril with the thumb and inspire through the left nostril.
    Stop pressing the right nostril with the thumb, the ring finger pressing the left nostril, and exhale through the right nostril.
    We can do this breathing for 1-3 minutes or until they begin to feel quiet and calm.

2. Padangusthasana (position of the big toe)

This posture stimulates the liver and kidneys activating our parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for releasing tensions and put our body to sleep.

How it's made?

    Stand with feet apart at hip height feet.
    Slowly and without losing tilt the upper body forward control.
    The toes of each foot firmly grasp the index, middle and thumb of each hand.
    Bending your elbows, pull the upper body down, head down and relaxing head and neck.
    Breathe deeply and continuously for 1-3 minutes.

3. Agnistambhasana (position of the stake)

As tensioning hips, our bodies respond by releasing the tension of muscles and other organs preparing the body for sleep time.

How it's made?

    Extend the left leg forward and bend it 90 degrees to the knee height.
    Bend your right foot and place your left knee up so that your right leg resting on the left.
    If this position causes pain in the hip joint, bring the left foot closer to the pelvis.
    Bring hands forward while exhaling increasing the stretch.
    Hold the pose for about 1 minute and switch legs.

6 yoga poses for insomnia and sleep better

4. Uttana Shishosana (extended posture puppy)

To counteract the effects of long hours spent behind a desk, this passive stretching back is ideal as it helps improve blood circulation, in addition, to ease tension and open the shoulders. The gentle massage caused by the contact face with the ground ambient stimulates the pituitary gland, which controls the melatonin and the sleep cycle of our body.

How it's made?

    Start face down resting on hands and knees (separated just below the knees hip).
    Keeping the hips over knees hands out forward.
    Keep elbows raised (not touching the ground) when we relax our chest and face down.
    Massage the forehead from left to relieve facial tension.
    Hold the position for approximately 1 minute and drop back wearing hip.

5. Giro Supino

The inverted poses as the supine and recumbent turn promote sleep by relaxing the baroreflex, a reflex that keeps the blood pressure constant.

How it's made?

    Start lying on your back (facing up) and bring your knees to your chest.
    Extend straight on each side of the body arms and let your knees fall to the right side (left knee on right knee).
    Bring the left shoulder down (back) letting gravity pull your legs toward the floor.
    For a deeper stretch, put your left hand on your right knee and pull it down (with the right arm extended outward).
    Hold this position for several deep breaths (1-3 minutes) and try to relax.

6. Viparita Karani (legs up position against the wall)

This completely passive stance allows us to focus on conscious relaxation stretch preparing the mind for sleep. It also has the added benefit of draining the blood from the legs bad cooling the circulatory system.

How it's made?

Place a block or reinforcing wall 10 centimeters.
Place the sacred above the reinforcement of the backbones occupy the space between the shroud and the wall.
Bring your arms straight out to the sides, palms facing the sky.
Hold this position for 5-15 minutes
Make a mental journey through the body trying to relax each muscle or muscle groups of the body (starting with the feet and moving slowly to the muscles of the face).

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