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Sunday, December 20, 2015


5 foods you should never eat again

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5 foods you should never eat again

The five foods you should never eat

No need to go back to eating foods that do not like or you feels bad. Do not do for their vitamin content: sure you can get with other platos5 consume foods that should never again

Frequently consults on how things should or should not eat: a protein after exercise, type of rice, whole grains, fish or shellfish, for example. The answer to these questions is (almost) always the same: maybe yes, maybe no. Sometimes. It Depends on.

Why? Because 'each person is a world' and what's good for one, maybe it is not good for another. Everything is based on the amount you consume. Also, in this article, you will know what the 5 meals that you should never eat are.

Meals unless advised

While there are foods that can be more dangerous than others and meals are recommended because they are healthier, the truth is that we can not be defined as 'good or bad' to food. It is food, different in each case, with greater or lesser side effects for your health.

The five foods you should never eat

Those who do not like

We cannot love every dish that is served or in the restaurant menu. So why embarrassed? Food is our livelihood, that is true, yet is pleasure and enjoyment, is love and culinary ecstasy. If it tastes good, perfect. If you do not like, do not make me eat it. Many people "hate" certain food, but still eat because they believe it is good for them.

This is not true. If you do not like, it's not good for you. Sure you can have nutritional benefits, but like 1 million other foods that could really enjoy. 'Healthy Eating' is not just steamed broccoli and chicken breast grilled. Try to be creative and make your taste buds to enjoy while maintaining your health.

Those that make your body feel bad


Maybe your stomach, your head or your joints. Some may love you but after eating, you feel bloated, lethargic and generally uncomfortable. This happens with any kind of food, depending on the person, but white flour, dairy, and meats tend to take all the prizes. Determined to avoid those foods 99% of the time. The remaining 1% is to give you a taste, but attention: without exaggeration consumption. In considering the type of occasional use 'special meal', the more you enjoy. Do not forget that if you eat too much then you will feel fatal.

Those who make you feel guilty

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interesting topics

You know exactly what we mean. Spend all weekend eating cakes, brownies, ice cream, chips, fried chicken, pancakes or crepes, sweets, tacos ... and you wake up on Monday with a massive food hangover and a sense of guilt that seems to not go away even if you go all week apple and tomato salad and carrot.

Of course this happens: you punish heavily for several days following a strict diet and unenforceable. As occurs after a binge, you promise not to do it again (although neither you yourself believe that you will repeat the cycle the next weekend).

The food is horrible guilt. It is useless. Shame so eating less healthy for a short period of time leads to not feel comfortable with your body and make you eat things you may not like 'just because they are healthy.' This technique is not recommended for several reasons. First, because you will not lose fat and consumed and secondly because the stomach does not understand what is happening. You can return it if you eat more sensible healthy Monday through Friday and then not skimp on ingredients, fats, sugars and spices on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you often have parties, outings or ask the delivery or takeout on the weekends, do not eat too much. Takes a more balanced diet. Do not eat what then makes you feel guilty because, after all, the food must be amazing before and after ingestion. If you finish the course you feel bad and guilty do you really worth?

Those who just cannot stop eating

interesting topics
interesting topics
If there is a food you cannot stop eating, that until the package is not completed do not stop put it in your mouth, if you do not care what time it is what you want to eat, if anyone else has to say "enough" and if you eager to eat especially when you do not have at home ... then, is a meal you should eliminate from your diet.

When we think of food that we cannot stop eating, that are addictive, and sure they come to mind are the fries, chocolates, burgers, and pizzas. All these "foods" chemically alter your responses in the brain and can become very addictive. But it does not just apply to junk food: we can be addicted to healthy food.

Perhaps a strawberry jam or jelly, homemade cookies your grandma or a colorful salad, although the cases are less. If you cannot stop eating Brussels sprouts, you're allowed!

Those who are not food

Canned food

Corn syrup, high fructose is not eating. Modified corn starch is not food. Artificial colors and flavors are not food. Cellulose (wood pulp that are often found in the cheese) is not food. Does propylene glycol? Nor is food. However, the big food industries among the added ingredients (and many more that do not detail here).

These ingredients are used for many things, such as saving the company money, help another company, create an addiction to consumers, using things cheaper and last longer, but not for your health.

The best thing to do is prepare your own food with real ingredients and organic (or local) products and using high-quality animal protein (beef grass-fed, not with antibiotics and hormones, other than fish hatchery, chickens live in a large expanse of field, etc). Check each individual label and if you do not recognize an ingredient, is probably not food.

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