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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Does Windows 10 is really a threat to privacy?

Does Windows 10 is really a threat to privacy?

Some users are concerned about the amount of information collected by Microsoft; Here are some tips to protect your personal data into the new operating system.

This is what you can do to keep your privacy in Windows 10.

It seems that Microsoft can not shake the idea that Windows 10 spy you. In addition, lack of transparency on the part of the technological regarding privacy in the new operating system is not helping to dispel that impression.

In the nearly three weeks have passed after the presentation of Windows 10, there have been numerous reports about how much information Microsoft collects and barriers to stop them.

Now take a deep breath. In fact, there is a logical explanation for this: activates some of the most attractive and convenient features of Windows 10.

These are the main complaints regarding privacy in Windows 10:

1) Share your personal information with Microsoft default

Microsoft Windows 10 default shares lots of information about you. According to the privacy policy of the company, Microsoft Windows sends everything that you tell Cortana, the Windows virtual assistant. Also collects your name and nickname, recent events in your calendar and the name of the people you had appointments as well as your contact information, including your name and nicknames.

The good news is that if you do not want to share that information, you can deactivate the function.

The bad news is that Microsoft has a whopping 13 different privacy screens which you must navigate to turn off all shipping information.

2) Use part of your home broadband Internet connection

Windows 10 uses your Internet connection to help other people to download applications or upgrade your PC.

If someone (call Rebecca) has problems connecting to Microsoft servers, Rebecca could download the update or application through you, a perfect stranger. Everything that happens in the background, without either knowing.

This is a feature called Delivery Optimization Windows Update and could be a brilliant way to help users of Windows 10 to update their faster to connect to millions of different people instead of just Microsoft PC.

However, Microsoft is not frank about their customers. To turn it off, you have to get to a submenu ("Choose how the updates are delivered") of a submenu ("Advanced") in the setup application.

Microsoft should be more frank and revealing that you are using your PC as a server for updates and should further facilitate the process to disable.

Does Windows 10 is really a threat to privacy?

3) You can share the password for your wireless internet PC with your friends

Windows 10 has a extra characteristic called Wi-Fi Sense that recognize you to automatically connect your friends to your Wi-Fi network without having to give them your password.

That scared some people because Microsoft stores and delivers the password to your Wi-Fi, which could give access to all your private photos.

Actually there is not much to worry about. Although Microsoft active Wi-Fi Sense by default in Windows 10, do not share your network by default, but you have to configure it to do so. When your friends are connected via Wi-Fi Sense, may not share your network with your friends. Wi-Fi Sense encrypts your password and does not work in corporate networks to apply special security protocols. You can choose not to use it.

However, the policy of all or nothing Microsoft is potentially problematic. If you choose to share access to your Wi-Fi network with all your contacts from Facebook, Skype and Outlook means that your best friend has access, but also your stalker.

4) Will sending information to Microsoft after you disable the settings for sending data

Even if you have gone through the 13 pages of privacy and you've turned off all shipping data, you're sending information to Microsoft.

As reported on the site Ars Tecnica, although deactivate Cortana and consultation to do in the Bing search box, some data will be sent to Microsoft when you open the Start menu and type them (anything).

Microsoft said that nothing happens in this murky case. You are not reading your searches, but it is only by knowing the basic ways in which you (and many others) use the search. It is unclear exactly what Microsoft means by that, but hinted that it is analyzing generalized behavior. For example, you could be recording the simple fact that you sought something in your PC and how you started the search (with a click or by pressing a key).

"Part of providing Windows 10 as a service that can be delivered to constantly provide new updates to Bing search, such as new graphics, visual styles, and codes of search functions," said a spokeswoman for Microsoft said in a statement.

"Do not send to Microsoft any consultation or use of data searches based on the privacy settings that the customer has chosen."

Please Microsoft. Should not there be a way to choose the cancelation of sending all the data?

5) You can find pirated games

In the Alpha technology blog it said last week that the contract of use of Windows 10 that everyone accepts (without reading it) includes phrases that apparently allow the company to look for pirated games on your computer on and off at will.

"We may automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you access to the Services, playing pirated games or using hardware peripherals unauthorized".

This applies to Windows 10 services such as Xbox Live, not Windows 10 itself. So Microsoft is not reviewing your PC to find illegal copies of Halo. But the wording indicates that it could do it, so Microsoft should make this quite clear in its privacy statement.

Windows 10 is not as bad as you read. However, Microsoft is not doing any good with their privacy statements overly broad, their privacy settings difficult to navigate and lack of transparency in general.

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Tired of searching for the best interesting topics to research? some good and interesting topics for you to choose from, and the most diverse too. follow us...

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