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Friday, November 27, 2015


Abused men do women beat the men

Abused men do women beat the men

A few years ago when he reflected on why men beat women to remember that little talk of battered men.

That was nine years ago and although the issue of violence against women remains a reality and we are more victims than they are, the fact is that many battered men. Yes, men are beaten by women and wonder why the women beat the men?

Have you ever wondered why women beat the men?
Always hear and see statistics and data of women who are abused, but do not see information on abused men.

Well, let me tell you that there are many men who are abused every day in the world and if a woman is hard to say who has been a victim, I do not tell you what it costs a man accept to others that his wife man gone to the point physically or psychologically hit.

It turns out that we live in the world of 'what people say if ...' for more than say that we do not care what others think, the truth is that at the end we affect what others think and why not say anything.

Why endure abuse, so we live a lie before accepting a failure -

We also live in a world of double standards. As much as we believe in equality between men and women, the truth is that we will never see eye to eye if the abuse is to a woman to a man if.

You have imagined What would you do if you go down the street and see a woman abusing a man? You happen what happens in the video I put down, where women 'assume' that man 'deserves' because it was safe unfaithful or did something bad.

Does that mean that if a woman is an unfaithful man also deserves the mistreated? Because if we speak of equality, neither she nor he deserves to be abused. Final point.

How much influence what others think?
Why do you think so many migrants walk badly living in another country and prefer that to having to return to his homeland with his tail between his legs? Because it embarrasses many others see it as a failure that "he could not."

Why do you think a woman prefers to be with a guy who does not love her and makes her feel miserable most of the time? not wanting to be alone and that others realize that their 'perfect relationship' was a sham.

Why do you think a man enduring a bad paying job and be in a place where you do not feel happy? Because he will not tell his wife he wants to do something else because you do not want your family to know who loves caring for animals rather than being in an office all day.

And not to mention that women are beaten each month by her boyfriend, partner, lover or husband. Or the man who is struck by his wife and mistreated in a non-physical way by someone who weighs three times less than it.

Nobody wants to take that life does not have dreams. Nobody wants to accept that his life is missing something.

Nobody wants to say out loud that have been abused, mistreated and fears being alone - Piopíalo
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But what do we do?
Do not forget that a few years ago, one of 160 people who have commented on the post that I commented that when her mother said her husband beat her she replied 'that was normal, to hang on' ...

This society is in which we live. A society of what people say, double standards, to accept the blows, to live a life that does not want to live as long as you do not talk about us.

In order not to accept that we are afraid to be alone, to change and discover that we are not able to deliver something.

That fear, whatever, cows us and worse, makes endure things that should not stand.

So my invitation today is to evaluate your life. Reflections what you want and that same morning start walking towards that you love so much.

For example, where there is a relationship abuse

Do not let others overshadow your dreams. Do not let them mistreat the way it is, it's sex. Whether your mother, your father, your siblings, your spouse, your friends.

No one should ever have the power to hurt you. That power is what you give, so do not let - Piopíalo
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But there really is abused men, there are women who beat the men?
If you ask me whether women beat or mistreat men, I would answer that they do and are good at it, because women are better at all  (eh either) 

Abuse against men exists, is real and it is important that if you have someone who may be living this kind of violence, talk to him, your advice will, but above all do not judge, do not mock.

When a man accepts and acknowledges that it has been abused, it is the first step and the most difficult step. At that time, you will need your help.

So why is a man, do not laugh when you see him being mistreated.

Do not turn your back when you see him on the street being beaten or abused by a woman.

It is the man himself. It's bigger, maybe. But like you, he also has the right not to be abused, to be respected and loved, or else it is, to be free and find someone who values the qualities he has.

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