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Thursday, November 26, 2015


8 ways that Facebook can destroy your marriage

8 ways that Facebook can destroy your marriage

Can Facebook be a leading cause of divorce? To answer this question gives Social network sites, well-being marriage and divorce: Survey and state-level evidence from the United States, a study promoted by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, one of the most prestigious universities worldwide, and whose findings suggest that indeed there is a link between use of that network and marital problems.

An article published by The Christian Post (Facebook Users Are More Likely to Divorce, Study Finds) shows that only in the United States the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has seen grow by more than 80% marital problems because of the use of social media. 
Then 8 concrete manifestations that can serve as a test to see if you may be jeopardizing your marriage:

1. Review Facebook on your phone instead of talking with your partner

According to the Daily Mail, new research says that people spend more time on their smartphones than with their spouses. People tend to use their smart phones for about 119 minutes a day, while spending about 97 minutes with your loved one.

2.te more concerned about what other people post what makes your partner

Some call it "the Instagram effect," but the idea is simple: You worry more about what your friends and family are posting on Facebook that what your partner is doing right in front of your eyes. Instagram has over 150 million users (many of whom put their things on Facebook, too), so people are going to see some things that will draw your attention and will be away from their spouses.

3. Do not give him a "like" the state of your loved one

This may seem simple, but very important. Much has been written by bloggers and dating websites on the effects of giving a "like" the state of someone, especially since a large number of "likes" implies that it is giving are interested in what is receiving. If you avoid giving the button "Like" to your loved one, you may be giving the impression that you are not interested.

4. If you like too the status of another person

According to Facebook, the Facebook are strong interactions between the soon to be couple, sharing the same publications and are given a "like" more often within 100 days before the start of a relationship. If you are giving many "likes" someone, you can give the wrong impression that you're not in a relationship or looking for a way out of it.

5. Be careful with some of the friends of Facebook

It is certain that you and your spouse will have some mutual friends. But beware of them, as they may cause conflicts. According to the Pew Research Center, half of the users deFacebook has over 200 friends in their network, so that safe mutual friends appear among married couples. Just make sure those 200 friends are not going to say something unpleasant or disappointing about the status of your loved one. You could create problems in marriage and friendship circles too.

6. You salts Facebook, but we still do questions

According to research cited by the Daily Mail, more people are saying goodbye to social networks because they are concerned about privacy and become addicted to the web. But when you have shut your Facebook account, you can begin to ask questions of your loved one with whom you are interacting, which has been publishing and what has recently seen on the web, for example, and that could increase discussions and related complications the trust between partners.

7. You did a good job with privacy settings

The marriage must involve trust and be able to open up to someone. But Facebook creates the possibility that many other people see everything that happens to you. NBC News reported that privacy is a major concern for users of Facebook, and that leaves open to review and judgment by friends and possibly public. Conversations that must happen first between husband and wife are posted for public viewing. Facebook can also lead people to discover things about yourself before your spouse's knowledge, which is another sign of lack of confidence.

8. Your photo ... Facebook is not appropriate

That's. The photo that you upload as profile picture says a lot about you. In fact, The Atlantic reported that what makes a profile picture is popular is the amount of "likes" and comments you may have. But if you have a photo that nobody likes, your spouse may feel pressure to ask you to put another

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Tired of searching for the best interesting topics to research? some good and interesting topics for you to choose from, and the most diverse too. follow us...

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