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Thursday, November 26, 2015


10 questions and answers in a job interview

10 questions and answers in a job interview

The job interview is the most difficult part of the entire selection process. Knowing what to answer every question of the interview, and how is essential if you want to get the job.

Understanding the psychology behind each interview question, and know what the interviewer expects to hear, he will give you a huge advantage over other candidates who ignore how to answer questions in a job interview.

In this article we review 10 typical questions in job interviews, and best suited to each answer. You can also see the explanation for each of these questions in the video that accompanies the article.

10 questions and answers in a job interview

The first thing you know, are the kinds of questions you might be asked in a job interview. These questions will be related to aspects such as:

    Personality: How would you describe yourself?
    Education: Why did you choose to study ...?
    Work experience: Why did you want to change jobs ..?
    Questions about the job and the company

Questions about personality

In this type of questions the interviewer wants to understand what your motivation, your hopes and your wishes professionally. In short, he wants to know you better as a person.

To overcome these types of questions you should focus on showing positive qualities and high motivation to personal and professional level. We will seek to highlight your strengths and your weaknesses focus positively.

# 1 How do you describe yourself?

The best answers to this question are those that convey positive qualities:

    "I enjoy learning"

    "I am a very dynamic person"

    "I like to take the initiative"

    "I like team work"

    "I like new challenges and opportunities"

    "I agree entirely with my work"

No. 2 Tell me your 3 greatest strengths / shortcomings

Importantly, when they ask for your faults, generally what you are doing is a trick question that can make you discard.


It points out aspects that you think would be virtues from the point of view of the company. Ask yourself what kind of worker you looking for? And describe your virtues as if they were the ideal candidate. Examples:

    "I am a committed person"

    "I have a positive attitude"

    "I accept criticism and learn"


You must avoid falling into stereotypes (like "I am a perfectionist" or "I give great importance to the work"), and try to find virtues carried to an extreme could be considered defects. Examples:

    "I am very demanding of myself"

    "I strongly defend my position if I believe I'm right"

    "I do not like that fellow escaquean at work"

Questions about your training

In this type of questions you're going to do is show that you are a person who decided to study what you liked for some particular reason and that you are a person capable of learning. This is a good thing that sets you apart from other candidates message.

No. 3 Tell me about your educational background

Here the interviewer wants you to explain why you decided to study or train you in a specific area. Your interviewer seeks to detect inconsistencies, and if detected, can be ruled out of the selection process. The best responses here are:

    "I chose to study what fascinated me"

    "I knew I wanted to work in the future in this sector"

    "Given my expectations, it was the best choice at the time"

# 4 Do you think you have enough training for the job?

This is usually a trick question where the interviewer hopes to see how you react. The training is acquired really working, so you do not feel pressure for this question. The best answers are:

    "I believe that academic training is important, but I think more useful to learn to work in a real environment"

    "I think I'm a fast learner and very motivated"

Questions about your experience

This is usually the largest in the interview section. Again are sending the message positive as possible given your work experience to the job.

No. 5 Why you want to change jobs?

The question here is, to show the interviewer that you consider to work in your company is the best you can do at this point, from a professional point of view. Some responses:

    "For my job expectations have changed and this offer is better suited to what I want"

    "Because I believe that this long-term business is what I want"

    "Because I want to grow as a professional and your company is the pefect place"

    "The opportunity is interesting that you raise"

# 6 Why have you been so long without work?

If you have been unemployed, the last thing you want the interviewer think, is that you've stayed at home doing nothing. In this sense, you can respond as follows:

    "I've been looking for work for months, but I have not found any worthwhile opportunity"

    "I've been looking at my education and other opportunities in different sectors"

# 7 Do not have enough experience

Again, the experience for working, so focus on the skills you have, and do see that is most relevant to the job.

    "I think however, have skills and abilities that most people do not have"

    "I think the experience is relevant, but I really want and I can do better than most people"

No. 8 you have much experience

Because of the crisis, many professionals have been forced to take jobs far below their qualifications. This is a self-esteem problem, and the company face, making you look like a weak person, and it would be unwise to start working if you have that perception. Some answers you can give:

    "True, but I think you can always learn, and I care not a step back because I know I'll move forward"

    "I think because of this, I can add value to this position"

Questions about the company

Here you can ask about the company and the job. In this case it is best to investiges and you make sure you know summarize the characteristics of the job and the company in the best way possible.

# 9 How do you know about the company and the workplace?

This question is designed to see if you have prepared the interview and if you're really interested in the business, or just to get a job to earn money.

The best thing to do is prepare well for the job interview researching and gathering all the information possible about the company.

No. 10 Why should we choose you?

This is where you play at all, and therefore must show firmness and security in yourself. The best answers are:

    "The decision is yours, I what I can say is ..."

    "I am a committed person"

    "I am willing to help in any way I can"

    "That I have really wanted to start"

    "I think your offer is perfectly suited to my profile"


Although it is normal that you do many more questions in a job interview, these questions are usually the most typical and appear in almost all interviews. You will help prepare them to face job interview with greater assurance of success.

You must remember that the interview is more than just answer questions you do and requires a lot more preparation.

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