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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


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Sunday, February 14, 2016


The best cell 2016

The best cell 2016
The best cell 2016

cell 2015

More productivity with elegance

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the best phone that integrates a stylus. It's powerful, elegant, functional and feels good in the hand.
Price: $ 0.00 - $ 839.99 See prices
4. 5
Which will leave you with mouth open
The best cell 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The beautiful and advanced Edge Galaxy S6 has beauty and brains to dethrone the iPhone 6, and all its Android competitors.
Price: $ 329.99 - $ 759.99 See prices
4. 5
Best iPhone that has existed

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

IPhone 6S Plus has some key advantages that make it an ideal place for serious users of an iPhone phone, but its bulky body makes it not the perfect phone for everyone.
Price: $ 28.30 - $ 953.41 See prices
4. 5
The cell for all occasions

Samsung Galaxy S6

Elegant style and specifications make the impressive front line S6 Galaxy Android phone to beat in 2015.

Price: $ 0.00 - $ 599.99 See prices
4. 5
The curves of the largest

Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 +

The Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 + is a nice and different cell but does not justify its high price it offers unless you want a big cell with a curved screen.

Price: $ 0.00 - $ 799.99 See prices
4. 5
IPhone for all

Apple iPhone 6S

The new iPhones are ultimately better phones than their predecessors; as they bring many improvements. The owners of an iPhone 6 do not need to be updated, but everyone else should seriously consider.

Price: $ 0.00 - $ 749.99 See prices
4. 5
The best pure Android experience
The best cell 2016

Google Nexus 6P

The Nexus has an excellent reader 6P footprints, a camera in our community, Marshmallow Android 6.0 with the promise of being among the first to receive future Android updates and such powerful hardware that makes him one of the best unlocked cell-free and you can buy.

Price: $ 590.99 Check Prices
4. 5
The best control for taking photos and shooting video

LG V10

The LG V10 is the best cell phone company, integrating a fingerprint reader and a rugged design, more RAM, more storage base and a more advanced camera than the LG G4.

Price: $ 249.99 - $ 699.99 See prices
Sturdy and powerful
The best cell 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is an excellent phone that keeps most of the features of the Galaxy S6 and adds a better battery, water resistance and a button for quick access to apps while sacrificing elegance and the fingerprint reader.
Price: $ 129.99 Check Prices
4. 5
Cell unbreakable screen

Motorola Droid Turbo 2

The Turbo Droid 2 has an unbreakable screen and a customizable design features that its competitors lack. In addition, the Motorola Android phone offers excellent performance.

Price: $ 199.99 - $ 649.99 See prices
One of the economic cell to consider
The best cell 2016

Motorola Moto G Late 2015

With its price below the US $ 250, a good camera and Android experience, a long battery life, 4G LTE and water resistance, the Moto G (2015) it is one of the best affordable cell unlocked.

Price: $ 179.99 Check Prices
The best customization

Motorola Moto X Pure

The Moto X Pure Edition is a very good phone Android that provides a relatively ergonomic design that can be customized and a good performance at a relatively low price.

Price: $ 369.99 - $ 549.99 See prices
The best phone with physical keyboard

BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Prix is the best phone with a physical keyboard on the market, but the most important thing for you is not the security of the phone or have a physical keyboard, the high price of that BlackBerry makes other high-end phones are  the best Price: $ 249.99 - $ 799.99 See prices


Saturday, February 6, 2016


How to make money online, sell photos from home

How to make money online, sell photos from home

How to make money online

Are you photographer or amateur photographer? Imagine you had an international company which receives on its website your photos or images of graphic design, publishing and that you pay each time a sale is made, and that a single photograph of yours can sell and sell Limitless times and each sale will generate a commission, you can raise the amount of images that are willing to develop.

As the site exists and is called ...

Dreamstime is an excellent choice for to earn extra income by selling your photographic images or illustrations.

The agency between agencies: Dreamstime

The requirement? So your photos will own, at least, 3 megapixels, JPG format.

You can also sell your vector graphics and images in RAW format, but you should always provide a JPG to accompany them before boarding the additional format. The number of images that can be uploaded per day varies by site acceptance rate of the photographs.

By providing a commission of 50% or greater than their artists Dreamstime is one of the agencies that best percentage pays its contributors, which makes the site very attractive.

Attractive Web Site

Dreamstime has an attractive site with a page from which you can see and manage your pictures online, those that are pending approval, your profits, and other data. This includes very graphic information on how the portfolio is performing. In the admin panel, you can organize, categorize and put keywords to your images, it is quite easy. Photographers, illustrators, and fans have a special and unique place I can upload and publicize their images and their talent.

How to make money online, sell photos from home

How much is gained?

Gains with this website vary enormously depending on the size of the photo and "picture level" (based on the number of photo sales in particular) and exclusive; for example: an image of a non-exclusive contributor novel gives the photographer or artist a credit of between 0.50 and $ 3 per sale depending on the size, while an exclusive contributor with a level 5 image (with more than 100 downloads ) you can earn up to $ 8.40 per sale! The concept of "level" of the image is very important because in this way your best contributions to become popular as they become more expensive, which is very consistent; and on the other hand, no matter what someone raising a work of art, always start as a level 1 image, matching competitive opportunities for all new photos and illustrations. The only exception to this rule is when a buyer prices download the image through a subscription, in this case, is variable pay but less than the above; but overall the majority of sales follow the pattern of levels so that the profit per sale is higher than in many other agencies.

As in other places, with sales extended licenses provide higher profits, ranging from $ 25 to $ 30 per sale as appropriate. Exclusive taxpayers have yet another advantage: they earn 20 cents for each image to be approved; However, our recommendation is not to sign exclusive contracts with any agency to help with various and improve your chances of selling. Dreamstime pays you through PayPal, check or account, and international debit card, once you have at least $ 100 in your account.

Its judges are relatively strict, but with the advice given on page is not impossible to assemble a portfolio with a large number of images. Another advantage is the option to pay to have a website and refer to other artists to subscribe. An excellent site that definitely worth applying.

What kind of images you can sell?

There are certain guidelines that must be followed when making and editing an image to the distributing agencies, this can be done without major financial investment or time.

First of all, the photo must be marketable. This means that the photo should be of use to someone, that the utility is not directly related to the artistic value of the image.

Specifically to exemplify: a photograph of a beautiful sunset on the beach is not necessarily good stock, first since it does not prove a notion so easy to identify, and second, that agencies are full of such images, and is very hard to beat that quality. Instead, poor from the artistic point of interest or image of a sheet of aged paper photo view, it can be a commercial success. Why? Because it can be used for many things, for background on posters, posters, web pages, obituaries, etc. Another best seller might be a photo of a beautiful woman dressed in Christmas attire as expressed concepts are very searched the festive spirit, sensuality, physical attractiveness, among others. Then it will not be difficult to judge that perhaps our collection of family photos on the coastal sun or our favorite pet sleeping in all possible positions may not sell, but maybe if you do the image of the old kitchen utensil, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, a pencil with an eraser, or even a simple glass filled with ice and provocative in the syngas.

Illustrations instead of photographs

The same principles apply to the sale of artwork. For example, a simple but attractive graphics that can be used as background or screen saver safely sell just another ornate and very artistic but not convey a clear concept to identify. Also, a collection of vector icons or design elements could be very successful despite being simple and relatively easy for an artist to create a landscape with multiple elements in it.

Video Clips

You can also sell movies. The above rules also remain regarding the sale of video clips refers; well, filming a segment of our vacation in the mountains will not necessarily be of interest to a buyer, but a clip well edited nice clouds being blown by the wind, or a sequence of kids running around or people clapping could be employed many ways, ensuring sales.

How to subscribe Dreamstime

If you have a good camera and experience that result in interesting photographs, or if you're a 3D modeler that produces interesting rendered images, or a graphic designer who brings good images resulting from vector fonts, then Dreamstime is an interesting and effective way to get Extra income or maybe your best choice for a successful new lifestyle.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Spitting in the baby

interesting topics
Spitting in the baby

spitting up and baby

During the first months of baby's life, many moms often consult your pediatrician about your child vomiting Is it normal that the baby vomit? Why does he do this?

Spitting in the baby

Regurgitation is a common manifestation in infants. In this article, you will find the action to take and answers to all your questions.

What is regurgitation?

Not to be confused, it is important to distinguish between vomiting and regurgitation. Regurgitation is the expulsion of food through the mouth and stomach secretions performed effortlessly. During the first weeks of life, infants can regurgitate several times a day and is completely normal. In most cases, regurgitation occurs after feeding but may appear next to the next feed. Have you heard from a mother to her baby, 'spits milk'? He meant exactly regurgitation.

What should regurgitation?

First, you must verify that the problem is not poor feeding technique. In many cases, the cause can not be determined. But in others, the following reasons may provoke:

A baby suckles weakly or, conversely, energetic, needs to burp more than once. If the bed before have done, it can be caused regurgitation.

Another reason may be due to abdominal distention caused by swallowing too much air with too small a nipple hole which extends over the suction due time, or allows the air inlet end to the teat of the bottle. In the nursing child, nipple retraction causes the same problem.

If the baby food does not meet your needs or if they are not fed according to their requirements, sucking causes excessive ingestion of large amounts of air and subsequent regurgitation.
The placement of adhesive tape in an umbilical hernia prevents postprandial bloating and facilitates regurgitation. Excessive manipulation of the baby after lunch, too.

In some cases, regurgitation occurs the only baby to bed. This will prevent thickening milk with some of the preparations that are commercially available and keeping the child in a semi-upright position for about half an hour after feeding.

The use of antispasmodics may be beneficial, provided that they are recommended by your pediatrician. In the other cases, correction of each of the problems raised above the solution.

Unknown causes
If despite the care, the baby is still spitting up, it may be due to unknown causes that will surely disappear when you begin to eat solid seated.

There are a number of functional and organic diseases that can affect the esophagus and cause regurgitation. But only the doctor, watching the baby and sometimes, watching feeds, is who can make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment to follow.

It is the expulsion through the mouth of food and stomach secretions with exertion and generally accompanied by the energetic contraction of the abdominal muscles. At the same time, there is a respiratory inhibition and, in infants, it is also common that vomit out through the nose.

Nausea, subjective feeling and very difficult to recognize in the baby may be suggested by restlessness, sweating, salivation, no suction fed back fist and disinterest after vomiting. These are symptoms that do not appear after regurgitation.

It is produced with effort, described as projectile vomiting or jet, and falls some distance from the child if it is held.

In the newborn it may be due to the ingestion of amniotic fluid acts as an irritant gastric or congenital malformations in the intestines causing obstruction and consequently vomiting.

A baby that begins with regurgitation around the second week of life and gradually has increasingly forceful vomiting with stopping the weight curve or even loss of the same, suggesting a disorder of gastric emptying, known as pyloric stenosis.

Would you have been helpful this note? Anyway, you'll know what our advice: if you still have doubts, be sure to consult your pediatrician.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


7 Tricks to not gain kilos to reach the menopause

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7 Tricks to not gain kilos to reach the menopause

How To Lose Weight In Menopause 

The menopause is a natural process in women is characterized by a decrease of female hormones, the disappearance of ovulation and, therefore, of menstruation and fertility.

This occurs naturally between 45 and 55 years, although cases can develop minimum prematurely.

By hormonal imbalances that bring inevitably the body begins to go through a series of transformations that involve a change in lifestyle.

Hot flashes, urinary incontinence, and constant mood swings are just some of the symptoms with which we must deal with in this new cycle.

However, a major concern for most is that by decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone, the body tends to accumulate more fat and lose muscle mass.

This, of course, results in a considerable increase in weight, which can range from 5 to 10 kilos according to suffering altering metabolism.

Fortunately, there is evidence that adopting good habits can reduce this risk and to develop various diseases. Interested know? 

1. Eat more complex carbohydrates

Eat more complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are those that do not raise blood sugar levels in the blood and are slowly absorbed.

They are characterized by being rich in fiber and high-quality vitamins participating in metabolic processes.

Among its main sources are:

Pasta and flours
Rice and grains

2. Include in the diet omega 3 fatty acids

One of the major mistakes that people make when they want to gain weight is to suppress completely all sources of dietary fats.

Although well minimize consumption of saturated, it is important to consider that the body requires to some degree in this nutrient, especially unsaturated type.

The omega 3 fatty acids are one of the must-haves fats in the diet of menopausal women. They are essential to fight inflammation and prevent various cardiovascular disorders.

3. Increase fiber intake

Increase your fiber intake

Fiber is essential for all types of diets. However, during this cycle it is inevitable for all the benefits it brings to the body.

By increasing its consumption helps to control cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease is reduced.

Furthermore, it is perfect to control food cravings and not be tempted to eat more calories than adequate.

Fiber is found in foods such as:

Potato peel
Carrots (raw)
Green leafy vegetables
Pear and apple with peel

4. Do not forget the protein

The decrease in muscle mass is one of the reasons that the protein should not miss. Its use must be in suitable proportions because it is crucial to strengthen muscles and increase physical performance.

Naturally it can absorb:

Lean meats
Milk and milk products
Dried fruits

5. Eating foods rich in calcium

Eating foods rich in calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral getting to this cycle. Intake participates in the prevention of bone loss and development of diseases such as osteoporosis.

Furthermore, adequate absorption of this nutrient suppresses intracellular adipocytes (fat), while increasing the ability to burn.

Good sources of calcium are:

Milk and milk products
Dried fruits

6. Taking vitamin D

This vitamin is a supplement to the previous nutrient since it is responsible for facilitating the absorption of calcium.

We can easily get through:

Cod-liver oil
Basking in 5-10 minutes a day
Visit this article: How does vitamin D deficiency affect your body?

7. Make physical activity

Physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle is never a good option. The daily practice of an exercise routine is one of the most effective ways to boost the rate of metabolism for not winning kilos and achieve an appropriate energy expenditure forms.

This activity also benefits the cardiovascular system and maintain healthy bones and joints.

The ideal is to do 45 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity:

Brisk walking
This should be complemented with muscle work and flexibility:

Fitness training
Remember that in addition to this you must avoid as much those bad habits that negatively affect health: smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fast food.

Following these tips as part of the routine, not only will avoid gaining kilos but the quality of life will improve in a period of many changes.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Jaguar XF 2016

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Jaguar XF 2016 

Jaguar XF 2016 

 elegance and technology unit The new Jaguar XF will be lighter and more efficient, with a version even below four liters of consumption.

• Gallery of the 2016 Jaguar XF
• Photo gallery of the presentation in London

With an impressive staging across the channels of the commercial and financial district of Canary Wharf (London) on two steel cables presented the new generation Jaguar XF, its large sedan whose second installment everything rolling in autumn this same year.

Earlier, it will make its world premiere at the Hall of New York, even before its official baptism in the Big Apple as we have known many details. The first, obvious, it is its aesthetic continuity, but clearly the new XF adopts a sportier and edgier look.

Its lines are more sports. In picture, the S version
It is partly for its new proportions, although not vary much in length and height (it is lower 7 mm shorter and 3) whether they do in wheelbase, which has grown dramatically to 2.96 meters ( +5.1 cm). This is due to the use of a new aluminum platform that also is lighter: up to 190 kilos less alone in the body for total savings of 80 kilos in the whole car. The key: the intensive use of aluminum in its structure.
interesting topics
Jaguar XF 2016 

The Jaguar XF 2016 will be offered, of course, with the 'motors star' Jaguar, the Ingenium two-liter diesel four-cylinder with 163 and 180 horsepower (above there will be a 3.0 V6 twin-turbo diesel with no less than 300 hp). The first one, with an average consumption of 3.9 liters, mark a record in its category.
There will also be three options initially gasoline: A 2.0i4 240 hp turbo and 3.0 V6 supercharged deployed in two power levels: 340 and 380 horses. All engines can be associated with a box of eight-speed automatic transmission while the two diesel will also have a manual transmission. All-wheel drive will also be available in some markets.

The interior is more 'evolutionary' than revolutionary.
The suspensions, front, and deformable parallelogram Integral Link behind, will benefit from the greater lightness of the assembly and distribution of virtually 50:50 weight and optionally can ask continuous adaptive control. It will not be the only dynamic element customizable Jaguar XF and also the direction (electric), automatic speed and engine response can be adjusted through the Configurable Dynamics system.

Also, inside the technological component will be very present, and not just for the advanced multimedia In Control Touch Pro, central 10.2-inch touch screen and ability to display two different images for driver and passenger, but because they also inherit the XJ 12.3 inch TFT display box instead of traditional analog instruments. Exclusive Jaguar XF and are the first in full LED headlights.

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